Cast of Characters

I figured you may want to know who the various abbreviations represent,
so here is the “Cast of Characters”

The Spouse – need I explain?

Our three children:

YSYoungest Son – lives in the same city as OS, just 90 miles away. Works for the USPS as a CCA (city carrier assistant).

OSOldest Son – 14 years older than YS, married with 2 daughters, living just 90 miles from us. Works with his wife as property and casualty insurance agents.

TDThe Daughter – 10 years older than YS, married with two kids, one of each, living within 5 miles of us. Works in special education at a local elementary school.

Their Families

SILTD’s husband – all around great guy. Installation and repair technician for the local telephone company.

DILOS’s wife – great gal whose name is so similar to TD’s that we have to really enunciate in order to know about whom we are speaking. Works with OS selling property, casualty, and life insurance.

GD1OS’s oldest daughter – former high school basketball standout, gorgeous. Plays college basketball on scholarship at a top NAIA school.

GD3OS’s youngest daughter – very girlie firl, 7 years younger than her sister. Excellent dancer, enrolled in dance lessons of all kinds.

GD2TD’s eldest – gorgeous, kind, sweet, smart, athletic, heartbreaker, soccer star, snowboarder. Only high school freshman playing varsity soccer. Just started driving.

GSTD’s son – the youngest, a real mischievous guy, loves anything to do with hunting, big trucks, guns, soccer standout, extremely athletic, snowboarder. Started middle school in 2013.

The Animals

The Fluffs

Fluff 1 – Riley  – an adorable Bichon Frise we got in 2007 at 5 1/2 months old. Born January 10, 2007.

Fluff 2 – Oscar – Bichon rescue from the local shelter. He struggles with fear aggression, but is so full of love and affection. He has been with us since January 2011 and has come so, so far! Born summer 2005.

Fluff 3 – Shei – Bichon rescue from Small Paws Rescue. His name is pronounced like “shy”. He came from Virginia in January of 2011. He is the most lovable dog I have ever known. There is not a mean bone in his body. He has the best genetics of the three, with a gorgeous coat and perfect face. Also born summer 2005.

AliThe Cat – She was the queen of the house for 17 years. She was YS’s cat. She loathed The Fluffs. She went over the Rainbow Bridge in November 2012. It was a horribly sad day. Her ashes are at YS’s house.

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