Fat to Fit @ 57 – Days Five & Six

Yesterday was a busy day, and before I knew it, it was over, and I’d failed to blog. That probably is no big deal to most of you – my 5 or 6 readers – but it is a big deal to me, because I had promised myself, as part of my fitness regimen, to post daily. Fifty lashes with an uncooked piece of spaghetti should be sufficient punishment for my first transgression, don’t you think?

Day Five was actually a pretty decent day. I went to the gym and did a chest and back workout. Wow, I am SO weak compared to what i used to be able to lift. This is going to take some doing! It was also nice enough that my coworker and I managed our 2.3 mile walk at lunch. I wanted to take the dogs for a walk when I got home, but I had stayed an hour late to help a patron, so it was too late by the time I got home.

I did pretty well with my eating – not counting the piece of baby shower cake I had. A girl has to indulge every now and then, right? I didn’t eat chips or Cheetos, or even any Ritz crackers when I got home. I did, however, have a plate of spaghetti with a very tasty marinara sauce and a couple of pieces of French bread. For dessert we had fresh strawberries and lite whipped cream. It was not a bad day.

But the highlight of my day occurred when I was called out to talk to one of my favorite patrons. She and her husband are filmmakers who come in and use the special computers with professional film editing software that we have set aside for our local filmmaking community. They come in spurts, often for weeks in a row, then we don’t see them for a few months. I hadn’t seen her since the end of last year. When I walked out and saw her, the first thing I thought was, “holy cow! Ms. Skinny Bones Jones!!” She gave me a hug and I asked, “what have you been doing? You look fantastic!” She just beamed. I had never known her to wear makeup, but she was sporting a hint of eyeliner, mascara, and maybe even some blush. She looked amazing! She shared that she has lost over 50 pounds! When I asked how, she told me she’d been doing the HCG diet. Of course! I told her that I had lost 28 pounds on it, and had kept off all but 5 pounds until early this year, when another 15 crept back on. I bemoaned the difficulty I’d been having getting back on the program. She acknowledged that she had had the same difficulty starting subsequent rounds, until her husband came home from a filmmaking gig in California and joined her on the program. He has lost over 25 pounds. They are just getting ready to do another round because she wants to lose another 20 pounds. Interestingly, I had ordered some HCG and had planned to start today, but was still having a hard time “flipping the switch” that has to flip in order to stick to any program. Well, she has motivated me big time! I told her about my walking regimen, and she is going to join us beginning Tuesday, weather permitting. We’re going to have a regular cadre of lunchtime walkers!

Today is my 31st wedding anniversary. I rode my bike to work and back this morning in the glorious sun, went for a 3 mile walk at lunch, and my HCG came in! The first two days on the diet are loading days. You eat as much as you possibly can. Good thing, since there was still a lot of baby shower cake at work, and The Spouse and I are going to dinner tonight. I can indulge! I had two pieces of cake, and a healthy smoothie my coworker/walking partner brought to work for me. Tonight at dinner, I am going to splurge, because after tomorrow, it’s back to 500 calorie days eating spinach, chicken breast and apples. I really don’t mind the HCG plan, and I lost quickly, so it’s very motivating. But I have so much delicious food in the house, it is going to be a real chore to try to eat it all before Sunday! 🙂 Okay…I’m not REALLY going to eat it ALL. I’ll save some for The Spouse.

Have a very nice Friday evening! I’m enjoying a delicious glass of Barefoot Zinfandel while I blog, and correct the Runkeeper map of my bike ride home. It had me going 7 miles, when the route is not even 6 miles long. The GPS readings have me hopping fences and jumping from one street to another in a few seconds. It would be nice to think I’d ridden over 16MPH average speed all the way home, but I know better. And if you look at the map, it looks like I was drunk or high, zig-zagging all over the place. Silly Runkeeper!

The good news today is, my subconscious has not yelled at me once today!

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