Time to start blogging again?

It has been a long, long time since I’ve blogged at all, let alone with any regularity. Rereading some of my old posts has resurrected my desire to write. So here I am again. I think it will be a real boon to my mental health if I spend at least a few minutes every day posting.

I stopped blogging about the time I started avidly Facebooking. It is difficult to do both well. I was hooked on Facebook. I posted status updates frequently. I followed the updates of my friends avidly. It sucked my time.

I have far too many FB friends. Many of them are friends by virtue of the fact that they own bichons, as do I. Several are friends by virtue of our shared love of Diana Gabaldon’s books and Scotland. Then there are the high school classmates, the coworkers, the long-time friends from town, some of whom have moved away, and finally, the Farmville friends. I no longer play Farmville, so probably should unfriend those people, but it seems mean to do so. Instead, I hide their posts from my feed. And of course, there is my family – sisters, brother, nephews and nieces, children, grandchildren, and far-flung cousins. I think those connections are my favorite, especially those with my cousins in Italy. Although, I can’t really say that, because I love the connections I have made with my high school classmates with whom I now have so much in common, despite the great geographical distances between us. It’s funny how our lives seem to have ended up in such similar places, despite the very different paths we have taken to where we are now. I feel closer to these people than I did in high school – but of course, in high school we are all so self-conscious and self-centered. Hopefully, that has changed by this point in our lives.

I have made some friends I really treasure; people I have never met, and may never meet. In fact, two of them live in Scotland! I enjoy exchanging posts with them, learning about their lives, sharing their triumphs and travails, praying for them when things are tough, and celebrating with them when they go well. I hope to one day meet these people in person, but if that never happens, my life is still much richer for their friendship via FB. I love Facebook. I really do. But I do miss writing. So here I am, again. I hope I can keep it up. Blogging seems to have fallen out of fashion. When I first started blogging, not that many people did it. Then, everyone was blogging. Some blogs were fabulous. Unfortunately, some of those bloggers have also left the ranks. Too bad. They were really, really good. I am going to have to edit my blogroll soon. I hope blogging becomes popular again, but I fear we are all succumbing to the tendency to post in small “Twitter-sized” chunks. Life seems so hectic that posting small snippets has become easier than actually thoughtfully composing a blog post. Maybe I can start a revolution. 🙂 It only takes one, right?


I feel like writing

I have this urge to write. That’s what happens when I read.  I find myself aching to write, to create a world that readers can escape into, like the world Diana Gabaldon creates in her Outlander series. I certainly don’t claim to possess anywhere near talent for storytelling she has, but I do like to write, I do like to tell stories, and I really should give it the good old college try sometime before I die. Don’t you agree? I just need to discipline myself, to set aside a specific time of day, a specific amount of time, and write. I have always thought I had to write linearally, start to finish, and that was a daunting thought. But Diana doesn’t write that way. She gets a scene in her head, and she writes it down, not knowing at the moment where in the story it will fit.  It seems to have worked pretty darned well for her, so maybe it will work for me as well. I get lots of ideas for scenes. I think it’s time I start writing them down, without worrying about how or where they’ll fit into a story.  Then, at some point, they will all start to fit together, like a jigsaw puzzle, and a story should emerge – if I am any good at it, that is.  Like Diana, I am going to write just for practice – to see what it’s like to really try to write a story – and not show it to anyone for a while.  Maybe, eventually, I will let a select few read it and get their feedback. Maybe not.  We’ll see. But I do have to find some outlet for this creative ache I’m feeling, and this is probably the best way to do that.  I could draw, or paint, or even pursue photography a little more vigorously – all activities I dearly love and miss doing – but writing is more readily accessible to me given the fact that I’m at a keyboard most of the day, and can write snippets down whenever I have a spare minute or two.  Now, I just need to decide if I should write in a secret blog I set up just for that purpose. I would like to have access to what I write from anywhere and any computer. I have to ponder my options.

Now, off I go to mow my lawn before it starts raining or snowing.