Talent is overrated

I’ve been reading a book – well, I’m actually listening to it – called “Talent is Overrated”. It is quite inspirational. It’s all about how the great talents in the world are not really gifted or “born with” an innate skill or ability that is far superior to “normal” people’s skills or abilities, but rather that they engaged in “deliberate practice” to achieve their success. Or example, Tiger Woods was not born a golfer. Before we ever heard his name, he had been following a very rigorous practice regimen for over 15 years. He had begun by watching his dad hit golf balls over and over at eighteen months of age. He worked on very specific things when he practiced, and evaluated and reevaluated his game constantly. He is just one example of many that include musicians, athletes, and business people, of how deliberate practice is what makes people extraordinary, as opposed to some God-given talent. It is so interesting.

I’m at the part of the book that is discussing what you can do in your business life to become highly skilled and successful. I plan to try to incorporate as much of what I learn as possible into my daily life. I’ll let you know how it goes. One thing the author says over and over, is that deliberate practice is difficult and not usually pleasant. That’s why most of us don’t engage in it. It’s too much work. We’ll see how I do.