Great Expectations

I start off every single morning with the best of intentions and the greatest expectations – and then it all falls slowly apart.  I intend to start my day off exercising by taking Riley for a walk – and I don’t.  I intend to do some sort of exercise at home – and I don’t.  I intend to eat really well – and I don’t.  I intend to get to work earlier than has been my practice of late – and I don’t.  I intend to read my bible and listen to the various spiritual broadcasts I really do enjoy – and I don’t.  I fail every single morning.  What is wrong with me? It’s not like I go back to bed and sleep away the morning.  I actually DO stuff.  Today it was looking up things related to a side business I’m engaged in.  Some days I get caught up playing Word Twist on Facebook, or even just chatting on Facebook with my sister.  Some days it’s watching shows I’ve recorded that I haven’t had a chance to watch.  The point is, the things I intend to do never seem to get done.  That’s bad because I need to exercise for my health. I need to eat better so I can lose weight, for my health.  I need to get to work earlier so I can get home earlier and make dinner earlier and eat earlier, for my health.  And I need to spend time in the Word for my spiritual health.  I have such good intentions and great expectations, but I fail every single day.  I am pathetic.  I need to pray about this and ask God to help me stop wasting time and procrastinating.  Actually, I DO pray about it every morning, but I mean really pray… on my knees seeking God type prayer.

And now the biggest time suck of all – Riley – is scratching at the door to be let in for the 100th time this morning.  In and out, in and out.  He’s worse than a child.

A Day Off

I had yesterday off.  It was Columbus Day and the library was closed.  I had big plans for yesterday.  I was going to:

  1. Take Riley for a nice long walk.
  2. Watch a bunch of shows I have on my DVR that The Spouse doesn’t watch.
  3. Update my blog.
  4. Play several rounds of Word Twist.
  5. Take Riley to the vet to get ointment for his eye (more on that in a minute).
  6. Decide whether or not to drop my distant network signals and go with local networks in HD.
  7. Make red beans and rice.

I got two of the 7 things accomplished.  What a slacker!  Actually, I have a good excuse.  Riley was sick the night before last.  He was up half a dozen times, which meant I was up half a dozen times.  I don’t know if it was the fact that he licked The Spouse’s plate after dinner or what, but he was not doing well.  I had made a creamy chicken basil pasta dinner. It had lots of garlic and basil in it.  Maybe it was too herby for him.  He was in a lot of distress.  After The Spouse left for work, Riley and I went back to bed.  But his up and down routine continued for another hour or so.  Finally, he slept, and so did I, for about an hour or so.  When I did get up, I logged onto Facebook.  Riley curled up next to me.  He slept like a rock for another 90 minutes.  He was one sick puppy.

I spent half the morning trying to figure out how to get a Picasa tab on my Facebook profile.  The app doesn’t seem to work.  Since I was adding a Picasa tab, I was in my Picasa web albums.  That prompted me to start adding captions to my photos.  That involved finding the location of some of the photos on Google maps so I could be very specific and accurate when I captioned them.  That took hours, during which I was not updating my blog, was not watching my shows on DVR, not playing Word Twist.  Before I knew it, The Spouse was home for lunch.  Another hour lost.

After The Spouse left, I took Riley to the vet.  Not for his upset stomach. He had been rubbing his right eye for the past few days, and the tissue around his eye was really red.  I couldn’t find the eye ointment I had gotten from the vet last year when he’d gotten a hair down under his eyelid.  We went in to get more ointment and have the vet double check his eye to make sure it wasn’t scratched or anything.  Fortunately, it wasn’t.  By the time we got home, I had about an hour before The Spouse would be home, and the red beans weren’t even cooking yet.  Oh, I’d soaked them and boiled them for a bit, but they needed a good hour of cooking before they’d be edible.  I needed to get with the program.  I also needed an backup plan.  I started cooking a sort of kung pao pork stir fry kind of dish.  When it was time for dinner, I presented The Spouse with both options, the beans being mostly read, albeit a teensy bit “firm”.  He opted for the beans.  He’s not a big fan of Asian.

So, that was my day.  Pretty much unproductive, save captioning the photos, making the beans, and taking Riley to the vet.  Today is a new day.  I have to go to work.  I have gray roots to dye before I go and laundry to put away.  Oh, and red beans to freeze.  I am catching up on some of my DVR watching as I type, and I’m obviously updating my blog.  I still can’t decide on dropping the distant network signals or not, and I am not sure if I’ll get any rounds of Word Twist played or not.  I’m going to try.

Facebook and the butterfly effect

Last night was fun.  My sister got on my RileyCam and spied on The Spouse and me while we ate dinner.  Well, not really spied, since I knew she was watching.  Speaking of Riley, he had/has something in his eye that made him rub it and rub it.  His eye is so red, and he actually cries when he’s rubbing it.  I put some human “tears” stuff in his eye, and some ointment when we went to bed last night.  He’s not rubbing it this morning, but it’s still red.  I hope he’s okay.

I think I mentioned before that I have a cousin in Italy whom I’ve never met.  We used to be pen pals when I was in high school.  I found her via the internet, and we started emailing.  Well, I introduced her to Facebook, and last week she joined.  Two days ago she was online when I was, and we chatted!  It was SO fun!  Additionally, my sister was online as well, so the three of us chatted.  My cousin hadn’t written in English for years, but you’d never know it.  She does a GREAT job, which makes me feel so stupid.  I can barely string three words together in Italian, and here she is chatting away like it’s not big deal.  I really need to get busy with my Italian studies.  I know a lot of vocabulary, just not the proper tense of the verbs, or the idioms, or even how to put them all together in the right order to make a sentence that makes any sense.

In addition to my cousin, her daughter and her niece are now also my Facebook friends!  How cool is that?  And before last week, my cousin, EM, didn’t even know Facebook existed.  Did I mention that she teaches technology to middle school kids?  I guess maybe I just changed all that!  You know….the butterfly effect.  I teach her about Facebook, she teaches her students, they tell their friends…. butterfly effect.

I’m watching Heroes. Boy, is it getting bizarre, but in a good way.  It’s bouncing back and forth between the present and four years into the future.  Interesting.

I am really excited because my good, good friend, and former protege, is coming to visit today with his wife and new baby.  This will be my first time meeting his son, and I am so excited.  He’s practically my grandkid!

Speaking of Facebook, I love that you can play Scrabble on Facebook.  I love word games, and my sister and I play Scrabble all the time.  I’m also playing with my hairdresser, another person I introduced to Facebook (specifically so she could play Scrabble with me).  She went to school with The Daughter, so I wasn’t sure she’d be into Scrabble.  She is and she’s good.  I almost never lose at Scrabble.  My hairdresser actually beat me that first game by about 40 points.  Her first word on the board (she started the game) used all 7 of her letters so she got a 50 point bonus.  Then she was able to spell polarize, for 80 points.  That pretty much killed me.  I beat her the next game, and I’m winning our current game.  My sister and I have played 3 games.  I’ve won them all.  🙂

I’ve also kicked some serious butt in Word Challenge!  When my hairdresser played, she quickly went to over 11,000 points.  I was stunned since my best score had been in the 8,000s.  She admitted to me that she had an unfair advantage.  You see, when you solve the 6 letter word, you unlock a bonus round.  The bonus round consists of unscrambling the name of one of your friends.  Well, my HD had one friend – me.  That meant she could score that extra 450 points every single time.  Aha!  I have several more friends than she has, and at times I draw a complete blank when I see those scrambled letters – usually when the friend’s name is 3 or 4 letters long – because you lose their name among all the other letters.  I can easily figure out the EANENL is Leanne, or that GLANEA is Angela.  But UNEJIL makes me go blank, even though the answer is an easy one – Neil.  I see all sorts of other names but Neil.  Crazy. I have finally gone on a real tear, though, and two days ago, after just three rounds, I got a score over 20,000!  I am several thousand points ahead of both my sister and my HD.  I LOVE that game, and it’s really, really addictive.  BTW, Lorraine plays too, though she hasn’t played in some time.  She does play Word Twist, which is a similar game (both games entail unscrambling 6 letters to form as many 3, 4, 5, and 6 letter words as possible in a set amount of time.  Lorraine has a high score in Word Twist of 141 – 30 points higher than my best score of 111.  Not sure how she did that, because no matter how hard I try, I can’t come close, and believe me, I try.  Did I mention that I’m very competitive?