Scotland Reminiscences

I have been reading “The Scottish Prisoner” by Diana Gabaldon. As is always the case when I read her books, I long to visit Scotland once again. I went back and reread my posts on our trip to Scotland. It felt as if I were there again. I wish I had written more immediately following our trip. One thing that I was reminded of what is the name of the fish and chips place we stopped at in Pitlochry. It was called “The Plaice to Be”. I thought that was just a funny little Scottish way of writing the word place. The other day I learn something. Place, spelled plaice, is a kind of white fish frequently eaten in the United Kingdom. So it was actually a wonderful little play on words, since that kind of fish is often used to make fish and chips. You learn something new every day.

I’m sitting in the parking lot of Home Depot. We are doing some lawn repairs, so I am here to pick up some more garden soil that we can plant some grass seed on. What started out as a gorgeous, sunny day, is turning quite cloudy and blustery. I am kind of actually hoping that it does rain. I don’t want to do yard work all day long. And the only way I’m going to get out of it, is if it does rain. So, off I go into Home Depot, to pick up the soil, and then back home to finish what we can before it rains. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.

By the way, wish me luck on this diet thing. I am still struggling. And to make matters worse, I found out that I gained another 3 pounds. Great! Trying to lose and I gain. Story of my life.

Once-a-week blogging too infrequent?

So I’m blogging again, but have only managed to post about once a week or so. As a result, I have zero readers, and zero comments, unless you count the spammer who commented the other day. I’d love to blog more often, but who has the time? It is hard to believe that there was a time when I could blog daily, even multiple times a day.  I suppose, if I spent less time on Facebook, less time watching stuff on my DVR, I’d have more time to blog. But do I give up my guilty pleasures for the sake of – what?  Attracting a few more readers? Isn’t that kind of narcissistic? Yeah, I think so. I’m only going to blog when I have something interesting (or, at least, something I think is interesting) to say.

It is frosty out today. Real, honest-to-goodness frost. My deck is coated with it. The back lawn is coated with it. It’s about 35 degrees out. It’s definitely autumn. The tree leaves are changing. Though, at times, it seems like winter will push fall out of the way early, that won’t happen. We’ll have a few nice days, maybe an Indian Summer, and then winter will come when winter is supposed to come. Not excited about it, but it’s inevitable. Sigh….

So far, Weight Watchers is going well.  I’m kind of starving this morning, but I’ll eat some fruit, maybe some oatmeal, and I’ll be fine. I’m trying to find low point value, filling things to eat, though I’m craving some “bad” stuff.  The string cheese is calling my name, as are the multi-grain chips in the kitchen. I just need to drink water, eat some carrots, find something filling and satisfying. I really, really am determined to succeed, to stick with the program. I don’t want to be 55 and fat. I didn’t want to be 50 and fat, but I was. Time to rectify that.

Okay, gotta get ready for work and my meeting this morning. I’m giving a training on the new copier.

OMG – Winter already?

I just flipped to The Weather Channel because an Angie’s List commercial was playing on the channel I was watching.  What’s wrong with them?  Well, they make Riley go crazy. Honestly.  One has a person whistling in it.  Riley goes bonkers.  The other one beeps out the name of the painting firm, and that beep sends Riley over the edge.  He runs to the front door to see who’s here, then to the slider, and back.  He just goes nuts.  So I flipped to the next channel up, which is the Weather Channel, just in time to see the guy talking about S.N.O.W!!!!  I’m sorry, Rosemary.  It’s true. It is ALREADY snowing in Billings, MT.  They don’t usually get snow until the beginning of November, but they have 3″ on the ground already, and are expecting 6-8″.  Big Sky, MT is expecting 12″.  Sheridan and Casper, WY could get 8″ of snow this weekend!  The mountains west of Denver will get snow.  And apparently it’s sleeting there right now.  I am looking at a map that shows the entire Rocky Mountain region getting snow at the higher elevations.  Fortunately, our part of the Rockies was dry until Tuesday, when it did show some rain.  But really….snow this early?  I’m afraid we’re in for it again this year.  That does not thrill me.