Wow, is it Friday already?

Where HAS the week gone? Wasn’t it just yesterday I took that sick day? Sheesh! Well, you’ll be happy to hear I’m all better – well, mostly. After the sick day, I was still not 100%. I went in late the next day because I just needed a little extra sleep that morning. The weekend was kind of hectic. We had told YS we’d come take him out to breakfast, so we got up early and zoomed to Spokane, arriving at 9:30 AM. We did something we hadn’t ever done before – we left Riley at home alone. Usually, we take him to The Daughter’s house when we go somewhere we can’t take him. We could have taken him with us, but he would have to stay in the car while we ate, and it was way too cold for that. Since we were leaving so early, we didn’t want to impose on the kids, so we took our chances and left him at home. Continue reading “Wow, is it Friday already?”