S-p-e-l-l-i-n-g B-e-e-s A-r-e F-u-n

As part of our “Winter Carnival” they hold an adult spelling bee. In this bee, teams of four compete for the Grand Prize of $200. Costumes are encouraged, with a prize for the best ones. The team members can collaborate on the word, and when the correct spelling is decided upon, one team member writes it on a whiteboard. Really, too easy, right? You get one minute to come up with the spelling and write it on the board – until the final rounds when your time is cut to 15 seconds. Not a lot of collaborating possible in 15 seconds. This year, the library is sponsoring a team, of which I am a member. I am not so humble that I will not admit to being a stellar speller. Fortunately, the other two library gals on the team are excellent spellers too. We have a fourth non-staff team member who was on last year’s second place team. We should totally kick ass. Our theme is “Information Goddesses” and we are all dressing as some sort of goddess. One member is the gardening/nature goddess. Her attire will be covered in covers from various gardening books, feathers, leaves, and the like. I am the Technology Goddess, of course. I have a sash that says “Tech Goddess” in binary. 🙂 I have a necklace with a mini-DVD on it, some headphone jacks, a video game memory card, the end off a video card, all dangling from it. Pretty cool, eh? Should be tons of fun. I’ll TRY to get pix uploaded after we win – which we will. The words are taken from the Scripps study list that the kids use for the big national bee. We’re going to totally win.