Too nice to schmooze

Two events going on in town tonight, neither of which I will make.  Every year, they have the folks who ran Bloomsday gather at the park for a photo shoot.  I always forget.  It was at 5:30 today.  It’s 6:00, and I’m at work still.  The other event is a book signing by Marianne Love at the clubhouse at the swanky Seasons at Sandpoint condos.  I thought I’d go.  A friend of mine lives there, and this would be an opportunity to get to see her digs, but I’m at work, and I need to get home and get the BBQ going.  I don’t need a book signed by Marianne Love, though we go way back (she’s taught two of my three kids).  It’s too nice a day to go schmooze. 

Tonight I’m barbecuing tri tips in as close as I can come to the Santa Maria BBQ Style.  Santa Maria BBQ is done over red oak bark.  I don’t have any, but I do have a nifty cedar plank.  Close enough.  You just coat the tri tip in garlic powder and salt, then grill away.  Yummy.  I haven’t barbecued since that really randomly warm weekend in March, so I’m ready!  I just have to figure out how much I’m allowed to eat on Weight Watchers.  I’ll be sure to load up on salad and veggies.