Reader’s Advisory

That’s library jargon for the service librarians provide when a patron asks, “can you recommend a good book?” or says, “I just read Book X and I want to read another one just like it.”  All of us who work in libraries, even those of us who are not official librarians, are asked to provide reader’s advisory services at one point or another in our library careers.  It probably sounds like a simple request, right?  How hard could it be to recommend a book to someone, especially when most libraries have all sorts of lists of books by genre, even lists that say, “if you liked this author, you will probably like this one too.”  Well, it’s not that simple, and if you’ve ever been the one asking the question, you know how inaccurate those “if you like a, you’ll probably like b” lists can be.  Well, Nancy Pearl has devised a way to make our jobs a lot easier. Continue reading “Reader’s Advisory”