A Day Off

I had yesterday off.  It was Columbus Day and the library was closed.  I had big plans for yesterday.  I was going to:

  1. Take Riley for a nice long walk.
  2. Watch a bunch of shows I have on my DVR that The Spouse doesn’t watch.
  3. Update my blog.
  4. Play several rounds of Word Twist.
  5. Take Riley to the vet to get ointment for his eye (more on that in a minute).
  6. Decide whether or not to drop my distant network signals and go with local networks in HD.
  7. Make red beans and rice.

I got two of the 7 things accomplished.  What a slacker!  Actually, I have a good excuse.  Riley was sick the night before last.  He was up half a dozen times, which meant I was up half a dozen times.  I don’t know if it was the fact that he licked The Spouse’s plate after dinner or what, but he was not doing well.  I had made a creamy chicken basil pasta dinner. It had lots of garlic and basil in it.  Maybe it was too herby for him.  He was in a lot of distress.  After The Spouse left for work, Riley and I went back to bed.  But his up and down routine continued for another hour or so.  Finally, he slept, and so did I, for about an hour or so.  When I did get up, I logged onto Facebook.  Riley curled up next to me.  He slept like a rock for another 90 minutes.  He was one sick puppy.

I spent half the morning trying to figure out how to get a Picasa tab on my Facebook profile.  The app doesn’t seem to work.  Since I was adding a Picasa tab, I was in my Picasa web albums.  That prompted me to start adding captions to my photos.  That involved finding the location of some of the photos on Google maps so I could be very specific and accurate when I captioned them.  That took hours, during which I was not updating my blog, was not watching my shows on DVR, not playing Word Twist.  Before I knew it, The Spouse was home for lunch.  Another hour lost.

After The Spouse left, I took Riley to the vet.  Not for his upset stomach. He had been rubbing his right eye for the past few days, and the tissue around his eye was really red.  I couldn’t find the eye ointment I had gotten from the vet last year when he’d gotten a hair down under his eyelid.  We went in to get more ointment and have the vet double check his eye to make sure it wasn’t scratched or anything.  Fortunately, it wasn’t.  By the time we got home, I had about an hour before The Spouse would be home, and the red beans weren’t even cooking yet.  Oh, I’d soaked them and boiled them for a bit, but they needed a good hour of cooking before they’d be edible.  I needed to get with the program.  I also needed an backup plan.  I started cooking a sort of kung pao pork stir fry kind of dish.  When it was time for dinner, I presented The Spouse with both options, the beans being mostly read, albeit a teensy bit “firm”.  He opted for the beans.  He’s not a big fan of Asian.

So, that was my day.  Pretty much unproductive, save captioning the photos, making the beans, and taking Riley to the vet.  Today is a new day.  I have to go to work.  I have gray roots to dye before I go and laundry to put away.  Oh, and red beans to freeze.  I am catching up on some of my DVR watching as I type, and I’m obviously updating my blog.  I still can’t decide on dropping the distant network signals or not, and I am not sure if I’ll get any rounds of Word Twist played or not.  I’m going to try.

RileyCam – You can watch too!

I’ve started leaving Riley at home instead of taking him to The Daughter’s house. Why? Well, he’s a boy, which means he pees on everything he can find when he’s outside, including the new Trex deck we helped them put in this summer. As he makes his way to the grass, he stops and lifts his leg on her flower pots on the deck, the posts that will eventually hold the roof over the deck, and sometimes even the patio furniture. You know how boy dogs are… Well, guess what? Dog pee stains Trex decking if you don’t wash it off right away. He had peed and it didn’t get washed off for a few days. When The Daughter finally did try to wash it off, it didn’t come off. She scrubbed it with Dawn dishwashing detergent, and now there’s a big light spot there. She’s not too happy, understandably. I did a bunch of research and got her a cleaner for the deck that should help, but what I learned is that you have to let the deck weather out for a year, THEN try to clean it with the cleaner. It should be fine after that. That’s one reason he’s not going over there.

Another reason he’s staying home is that The Daughter complained about having to clean her windows all the time because Riley likes to look out the window and gets wet doggy nose prints on it. Clearly he’s worn out his welcome, so now he stays home. THAT is kind of a pain for me because I’ve been having to go home in the middle of the day to let him out. That entails at least half an hour just driving back and forth, not to mention the gas consumption. On nice days I can put his shock collar on and leave the sliding glass door open so he can go in and out as he pleases, but it’s been windy and cold when I leave in the morning, so I haven’t been able to do that. Winter is coming soon and the door will have to stay closed, and driving home in the middle of the day will be even more of a pain once the snow flies. We are considering one of those doggy doors you put in sliders as one method of facilitating his access to the yard when he needs to “go” without having to leave the door open and let the cold in. The only downside to that is that I will have to close Ali in YS’s room all day so she can’t escape. That will not make her happy.

So, all that was an explanation of why I’ve installed a RileyCam. I wanted to be able to watch Riley while I was at work. That way, if he started to do his “business” in the house, I could catch him, and maybe figure out what prompted that behavior. It has been the case that every time we left him alone, even if just for an hour or two, he’d poo on the living room floor. I wanted to catch him in the act if I could. Two days ago I installed the camera, which I’ve had sitting around for over a year but never bothered to install. It is really cool!

Yesterday, I got to work, logged onto the camera’s website, and watched Riley all day. What I learned is that, after I leave, he spends over an hour going back and forth from the front window to the front door, and probably down the hall to the garage door (which I can’t see), and back. Clearly he is waiting for us to come back – checking every entrance to see if we’re there. It’s almost heartbreaking seeing him so distressed. No wonder he’s so tired when we get home! The rest of the day he is just very restless. He checks the front window, then the sliding glass door, then our room, the kitchen, the hall, and back. He’ll sit on the couch for a bit, then get up and check everything again. He stops to bark often. There’s no sound, but you can tell he’s barking. He puts his head up and looks like he’s howling, but that’s how he looks when he barks. He is always on high alert. I’m going to keep watching him and PRAY he eventually calms down. In fact, today I’m going to take him for a walk before I go to work to see if that calms him down at all. Now, here’s the interesting news: Want to watch Riley? You can. You can see my house, and probably catch a glimpse of me sitting on the sofa blogging or doing my pre-work stuff. I’m going to have to remember the camera is on, and make sure I don’t run through the house naked, though. I’ve set the viewing time so you can watch between 7AM and 7PM Pacific Time. So, if you want to watch Riley, and maybe me, go to http://eclecticdefined.viewnetcam.com:50000 and click on Single if there’s a menu across the top (not sure how it looks to “outsiders.  If you want to view it, email me or leave me a comment and I’ll send you the user ID and password.  I was going to post it here, but decided that was probably not the best idea.  Doh! There will be no viewing on the weekends, and I may turn the camera off at times, depending upon what is going on at home, but if you want to be a little voyeuristic, check out the camera, then let me know you watched. Could be kind of fun, huh? BTW, no comments allowed on my housekeeping skills. There will be days that it is a disaster. Oh well.