Global warming my ass

I’m snowed in.  So, what’s the big deal?  I live in a little development only 5 miles outside of town.  There are no hills between here and town.  There are no hills in my neighborhood.  The streets are flat.  I shouldn’t be snowed in.  But the county agency that plows our roads hasn’t plowed the neighborhood in three days.  And it has snowed about two feet since the last plowing.  Okay, so still, what’s the big deal, right?  Well, The Spouse left at 5:30 AM for work, in the Jetta.  He’s been driving the Jetta all winter.  But overnight we’d gotten another 6″ of snow, on top of unplowed streets with at least 8″ of snow.  I had suggested he take the Audi, but he didn’t want to hassle swapping the cars.  He got down our street, turned onto the main street into the neighborhood, and got stuck.  So, he called and told me to wake YS, get in the Suburban, and come help get him unstuck.  YS’s car was parked behind the Suburban, and his locks were frozen.  Thankfully, we had lock thawing stuff.  We got his car moved, unburied the Suburban, and headed to the stuck Jetta.  For the next 20 minutes, we tried to dig, push, rock, and plead the Jetta from its high-centered spot in the middle of the street.  No luck.  YS and I told The Spouse to just get in the Suburban and go to work.  He left reluctantly, feeling bad for leaving us to unstick his car.  For the next two hours, we tried everything.  We dug, we pushed, we rocked, we got help pushing, we had a small path cleared and moved forward about 75 feet, and got stuck again.  Cars kept coming and going past us.  They didn’t get stuck.  But we had two strikes against us – 1: the front tires are nearly bald.  We’re trading the car in this weekend, so didn’t want to buy new tires for it.  2: It has really low ground clearance, like 4″ low.  Finally, a Toyota pickup with a blade came along.  I was overjoyed to see that the driver was a very good friend of ours – a friend whose computer I had fixed just last month.  He stopped and we decided that he should plow a path behind me so that I could turn around, and then he’d plow a path back to the house for me.  He plowed the path, helped YS push me so I could get turned around, then hopped in his truck and plowed a path back to my house.  I started going, but got stuck as I tried to make the turn onto the street that led to our house.  Just then, SIL came along in his work plow truck.  Between SIL and our friend,  I had a runway plowed for me.  I put the pedal to the metal, so to speak, and drove non-stop into our driveway.  Oh, and all the while this drama is unfolding, The Spouse is calling every 15 minutes or so for progress reports.  He was delighted to hear that our friend had happened along, and then that SIL had brought his plow truck.  I was exhausted.  YS was exhausted.  I called work and told them I wasn’t coming in.  I’m not dealing with this.  YS and I have a roof with four feet of snow on it to shovel off.  My deck has 8 feet of snow on it – 4 feet from the sky, 4 feet from the back of the roof.  It’s raining at this moment.  I officially hate winter now.