The First Snowfall

Did I mention it snowed?  On Monday it started snowing.  By Tuesday morning we had about five inches on the ground.  It’s cold too – the temps have hovered between 28 and 30 for the past several days.  So the snow isn’t going away anytime soon.  Yesterday they were predicting a lot of snow, but all we got was a skiff.  For those of you who live where it never snows, a skiff is about an 1/8th of an inch or less.   Nevertheless, The Spouse had a horrific day at work.  First, their freight was an hour late.  In fact, the plane with all their freight almost couldn’t land.  I think it was due to fog.  It circled for a long time, then finally the pilots said they either needed to land or they’d have to go to Seattle and land there.  They were running out of fuel, and the pilots were nearing their limit on the number of hours they could fly in a day.  They landed.  Continue reading “The First Snowfall”