No catchy title

I can’t think of anything catchy or interesting for this post title, so that’s the title. So, to catch up….

As you know from Rosemary’s blog, we’ve had snow, snow, snow, and snow. Now we’re in the annual January warm up phase… temps in the 30’s to 40’s, snow melting and flooding streets, and in some cases, crawl spaces and basements. Of course, Winter Carnival is starting, now that the snow is melting. It happens every year. You’d think they’d reschedule it. We used to have a snow sculpture competition. We used to always have plenty of snow in mid-January and it would be the perfect amount of cold. There would be awesome snow sculptures all around town, on almost every corner. Then we started getting the Chinooks, the meltdowns. At first they trucked snow in from all around town and put it in big heaps on the street corners so they could make their sculptures. But pretty soon there wasn’t enough snow for that, and the temps were too warm anyway. So, the competition ended. If only they’d moved the date up a week or so…. And so, here we are. We’ve had record snowfall. We have mountains of snow all around town. Last week we could have had a snow sculpture competition. This week it’s melting, quickly. The berms are brown and ugly instead of the picturesque, clean, fluffy, white they were a week ago. It’s sad.

On another note, YS and “the girl” are finished, finally. They’ve been on again, off again for the past six months. I kept praying YS would just see her for what she was and move on. But he has really strong feelings for her, so he kept taking the blame when things would go wrong, kept trying to be the person she wanted him to be. Yesterday it all finally blew up, and it looks like it’s for good this time. He’s heartbroken – again. I’m just praying that it IS for good, because despite his heartbreak now, it will be best in the long run. I just pray he doesn’t let this latest breakup derail him again. He has two weeks left in Jan Term, then just two classes next semester, and he’ll have his degree. Please, God, let him stick to the plan….please!

Finally, my niece has been in Italy for about a week. She spent 5 days in Rome, and will spend 10 days in Florence, with day trips to Siena, Pisa, Assisi, and other places. Before she left, I hooked her up with our cousins in Rome via Facebook. They were wonderful!!! Before she arrived, my cousin Giuseppe, took a cell phone to the hotel she’d be staying at, so she could call them when she arrived. They let her use the phone during her stay in Rome! How cool is that? The first night she had free, they took her to a ristorante to have authentic, Roman pizza and gelato. They then went on a little sightseeing walk around Rome. They adored her! She is the sweetest girl in the world, so of course they adored her. Giuseppe has a daughter, Ele, who is 19 1/2. My niece is 20. They hit it off. Ele speaks some English, and she said despite the language barrier, they had no problem communicating and talked and talked and talked. I knew they would! My cousin, Edy, Giuseppe’s sister, and the one I wrote to in high school, came with her two sons and daughter, from the town they live in about 15 miles outside Rome, to share the evening. The next day, they all had dinner at Giuseppe’s house. My niece said she learned how to twirl her spaghetti really well. I didn’t know she didn’t already know that. Gosh, I think that was one of the first things I learned as a little kid. Not the lame twirling Americans do – on their plate. No – real twirling, using a spoon and fork… THAT’S Italian! 🙂 The next night, Ele took her out with her friends to a pub. According to Ele, her friends adored her too. All in all, my niece had an amazing time in Rome meeting our family and seeing Rome with them. I am so envious, but so happy that they got to meet each other. It just makes me feel even more connected to them. I can’t wait until it’s my turn! I am urging YS to do well, get his degree, save some money, and maybe plan on spending at least a month, maybe longer, in Rome this summer. I think it would be so good for him. Edy has a son close to his age, and an older son who is a computer science major too, so he’d have a lot in common. He’s great with languages, so I know he’d pick up Italian quickly. He loved Italy when he visited during his France trip. How much more will he love it when he’s with family? Too bad I hadn’t found my family before he visited in 2007. But I know he’ll go again, hopefully this summer.

And lastly, sadly this year we will not be participating in the Adult Spelling Bee. The team last year was comprised of three of us from the library and one non-library person. We found a fourth from the library for this year’s team, and I was really excited about it. Then we learned that they were holding it three weeks later than they did last year, which meant one of our most important team members would not be here. She will be in Hawaii (poor girl). We were going to go on without her. I even suggested making a full-sized cardboard cutout of her to take up with us each time we went up to spell. But I wasn’t happy about not having her there. She and I are really the two best spellers on the team, so it would have all fallen on me, which I could have handled, but it wouldn’t be the same. Yesterday, the other gal from the team said she was just too busy and wouldn’t have time to study, so she couldn’t be on the team. Rather than try to find a replacement, I decided we should just forgo it this year. I’m sad, but next year S and C will both be able to participate, which is how it needs to be. I’ve got a great idea for our team – The Spelling Beatles. We’ll dress up like the Fab Four and rock the competition. Next year.

YS’s bad luck with girls

I don’t know why this stuff keeps happening to him.  YS met this girl in one of his classes about three weeks ago. SHE invited HIM to come over and do their reading for the course together, which he did.  They had a great time together.  He really enjoyed her company, and she made it clear that she really liked him.  From that day forward, they spent almost all their free time together.  Unfortunately, she had just broken up with a boy she’d been dating since October, so she was kind of on the rebound.  They talked about this other boy, and she related how poorly he’d treated her.  All her friends really liked YS, and frequently told him how much better he was for the girl than the other boy.  Apparently, when she was dating the other boy, they never saw her, she didn’t eat in the dining hall with them, she didn’t hang out with her friends – just with him.  And he was a jerk to her – he wouldn’t drive her home from his apartment at night, she’d have to get rides TO his apartment from her friends because he wouldn’t come pick her up, stuff like that.  YS is totally not that way.  He let her borrow his car.  He hung out with her and her friends.  When she commented that she hadn’t been on a real, get dressed up and go out to dinner kind of date in ages, he planned just such a date for them.  They had a great time.  He was head over heels for her, and he was really happy.  But the other boy started texting her constantly – even when she and YS were together watching a movie or whatnot.  And she responded to him while with YS.  That was the first warning sign.  After a few days, the girl started pulling back a bit, and YS knew something was up.  The girl told him she was trying to figure things out and that they should take things slowly.  YS was fine with that.  But the next day, she was all lovey dovey with him again, so for Valentine’s Day, he bought her a $50 bouquet of flowers and made reservations for a really nice dinner.  She ran all around her dorm showing off the flowers and kissing YS and telling him how great he was.  But later that day, she was distant and then said she didn’t feel well and didn’t want to go to dinner.  YS was crushed.  Then Friday she was back to being all lovey dovey, kissing him and being all cutesy.  He asked her if she’d figured things out yet, and she said no, but that she wanted to spend the day with him Saturday and wasn’t going to see the other boy until Sunday.  The plan was that she and YS would go shopping all day, have dinner, see a movie, just hang out and have fun. As it turned out, YS chauffeured the girl and three of her friends to the mall, and spent the day with them, two other girls, and another guy.  They did end up having fun, and YS bought some new clothes.  They went to a movie, had dessert, and had a really great time.  YS bought the girl’s dinner, dessert, and movie ticket, as well as fronted about $95 for one of the other girls at the request of The Girl, who promised to repay him today.  Yesterday he and The Girl were supposed to go to breakfast on campus together. She texted him to say “Good Morning!” and to confirm breakfast.  At some point, she saw pictures of the other boy on Facebook making out with another girl on Valentine’s Day.  She got really upset about them.  She texted or called YS to say she would not be going to breakfast as she was going to meet with the other boy.  She promised to call YS later.  The entire day went by without a word.  YS texted her around 8PM to say “I thought I’d have heard from you by now”.  She replied that she had had a very interesting day, that she was watching a movie with the other boy, and that she’d call him later.  Finally, at 11:30PM, she called YS.  She told him they should just be friends – that she was picking the other boy.  YS is devastated.  He was up all night.  He wants to just take off for a few days, which I’m trying to talk him out of.  He DOES have school.  He doesn’t understand why this seems to always happen to him.  All her friends think she’s an idiot, and that she’s making a big mistake.  YS is hurt, and he’s pissed.  He’s especially pissed that she acted the way she did on Saturday – holding hands, kissing him, saying to one of her friends “he’s taken” and making other comments about them being a couple – and that he spent so much money on her based upon her actions and comments, only to have her dump him the next day.  What I see is a spoiled brat – she’s going to be 19 on March 2, is the 3rd of four children, and the only girl.  She’s from Orange County and her family isn’t hurting for money, which I think she’s used to having spent on her.  She has no idea how much it meant to YS to do the nice things he did for her, only to find out she’d been stringing him along.  And she had the nerve to be angry with him when he was upset!  I told him when he goes to her for the $95 she owes him today, he should ask her to pay for her dinner, dessert, and movie ticket too!  After all, she accepted them under false pretenses.  She told YS that she didn’t just “like” this other boy, she was “in love” with him when they broke up, as if YS should have realized that and realized that she’d probably go back to him.  And you know what’s even weirder?  We met up with YS and the girls in Spokane on Saturday to drop off a few things for YS, and she invited us to go to dinner with them, almost begging us to come along.  We had other plans, so we declined, but she made a point of meeting us a couple of weeks ago, of talking to me on the phone a couple of times, and of inviting us to dinner – and then she treats YS like this.  I want to call and give her crap, but I won’t.  I just don’t know what to tell YS and how to help him get over this.  It really sucks.  Why does he always end up with a broken heart when he gets involved with a girl?  He asked me “what’s wrong with me?  What do I do wrong?”  That made me so sad…. it’s not him.  It really isn’t.  He should know that based upon the fact that ALL her friends like him and think she’s making a huge mistake.